To Apply

Students must apply for admission to a home graduate program at McMaster University, and acceptance into the Water Without Borders programme will be conditional upon acceptance into McMaster University. To apply to the Water without Borders programme,  please access the MOSAIC application system by clicking here.

When you are applying please:

  1. Upload a statement of interest (maximum 500 words) describing how your research interests fit with those of UNU-INWEH, and why you are a strong candidate for the collaborative program. Include any experience you have in the area of international water, policy, development, and/or your career goals and aspirations; and
  2. Email our Administrative Assistant ( with the MOSAIC application number of your home graduate program application.  From this our administrator will be able to access your home application to obtain your references and transcripts so you do not need to submit those twice.


Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted from January 1 through May 31 for September admissions, and will be reviewed by the programme committee in June.