Water Without Borders (WWB)

About WBB

Water Without Borders (WWB) is a collaborative graduate program in water, environment and health between the United Nations University, Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) and McMaster University.

It addresses issues of water without borders, either geopolitical or disciplinary. The program is designed to be undertaken alongside a graduate degree program at McMaster University. It is open to graduate students in all faculties and departments. The intent of this program is to give graduate students the tools they need to achieve not only their aspirations of learning, but also to change the world.

Linked with the opportunities, activities and networks of UNU-INWEH, Water Without Borders addresses issues of international importance related to water, environment and health. These could include, but certainly are not limited to:

  • Why do 1 billion individuals in the world continue to go without access to safe water on a daily basis?
  • Why does almost half the world’s population lack access to adequate sanitation?
  • What are the international governance structures that would allow us to safely steward this valuable resource?
  • What impacts will climate change have on the distribution and diffusion of water borne illness such as cholera?
Ghana Booklet

Download the WWB 2016 Booklet documenting their trip to Ghana!

Uganda Booklet

Download the WWB 2015 Booklet documenting their trip to Kenya!

Water Without Borders Booklet (2014 UNU-INWEH)

Download the WWB 2014 Booklet documenting their trip to Uganda!

Water Without Borders 2013 (Uganda)

Download the WWB 2013 Booklet documenting their trip to Uganda!